6 Golden Rules for Protecting Your Smartphone

1. A smartphone provides access to a vast amount of personal information. It is imperative to use its pin code protection.

2. A smartphone also gives access to the entire web with all kinds of content, including adult websites, accessible. Ensure your children are educated about their internet use and keep a check on their usage.

3. Publishing photos from a smartphone can be done in just a few clicks. Teach children about the risks of distributing photos. Ban them from publishing photos or videos of themselves or friends without your permission, even on blogs and social networking sites.

4. Apps that are downloaded to the smartphone can interact with many functions of the handset (contacts, SMS sending, geolocalisation). Pay strict attention to the apps that you allow to access such data.

5. Viruses and malware on smartphones are becoming increasingly prevalent. Only download applications from well known stores and don’t attempt to download pirated applications which are often the source of viruses.

6. Smartphones allow users to be billed for digital services and other goods directly on their monthly operator bill or from their prepay balance. Think about lending your mobile to your children or other people. You can consult and verify purchases or subscriptions on your operator’s account page.


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