How does the subscription work?

The subscription grants you 5 credits, they are cumulative within an eight-week period and can be used at any given time to download any of our products. Downloads cost 1 credit plus you have unlimited access to photos, videos and online games.

In order to subscribe to our service, you have to:

  1. Visit our mobile site or see and click one of our mobile advertisements.
  2.  Afterwards, you are sent to one of our KKO Mobile product pages displaying the name of the service and its price. At that point, you are required to click again in order to subscribe.
  3. Following that step, you will be directed to our Payforit billing page, where a final click is required to conclude the sale.

Payforit is a service designed to make it easy to pay for services via mobile phone and it is supported by all licensed UK mobile operators. Once you have authorised the payment by pressing ‘Subscribe’, a payment request goes directly to your mobile operator for validation.


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